STWRFS system developed by Marcu Lab which enables near real-time acquisition of fluorescence lifetime measurements for tissue diagnostics.

Welcome to the Marcu Laboratory at UC Davis

Research in the Marcu Lab aims to promote better diagnostic, treatment and prevention of human diseases through advancements in biophotonic technology – a field at the interface of physical sciences, engineering, biology and medicine. This is accomplished through a series of interdisciplinary research projects that enable early diagnosis and intraoperative demarcation of tumors, prevention of strokes and heart attacks, and cancer therapies.

Coregistered fluorescence lifetime image provides information on the distribution of biomolecules in atherosclerotic plaque.

Professor Laura Marcu and her research group develop clinically compatible laser spectroscopy and imaging systems which facilitate in-vivo investigations of the relationship between tissue pathology and measured optical responses. Projects include development of fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy techniques for the recognition of major classes of fluorescent biomolecules in biological tissue, diagnosis of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and intraoperative delineation of brain tumors. Recent work also have applied fluorescence imaging measurements to characterized engineered tissue.

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