Biomedical Engineering

Graduate Group Faculty



Research Interests

Aldredge, Ralph

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Biological-fluid dynamics, biomedical heat transfer and tissue mechanics.

Athanasiou, Kyriacos

Biomedical Engineering; Orthopaedic Surgery (School of Medicine)

Understand the healing processes of cartilage, and to augment those processes via sound application of tissue engineering principles.

Aviran, Sharon

Biomedical Engineering

Computational Biology, RNA Genomics, Synthetic Biology, RNA Structural Biology, Statistical Inference and Algorithms

Baar, Keith

Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

Ligament tissue engineering: We are using engineered ligaments to better understand the cellular and molecular response to exercise nutrition and aging.

Badawi, Ramsey

Diagnostic Radiology (School of Medicine); Biomedical Engineering

Translational imaging, with emphasis on PET and other radiotracer techniques

Benedict, Stanley

Radiation Oncology (School of Medicine)

Developing imaging tools to improve radiation therapy, including the use of MRI-PET, PET-CT, and SPECT-CT; Developing technology for image guided brachytherapy (IGBT), including 3D imaging systems (CT and MRI).

Benham, Craig

Biomedical Engineering; Mathematics

Mathematical and Computational models of regulatory mechanisms, pathways, systems and networks, Bioinformatics, DNA mechanics

Boone, John

Diagnostic Radiology (School of Medicine); Biomedical Engineering

Novel x-ray detector systems for digital radiography and digital mammography; dual (x-ray) energy radiographic imaging and image processing.

Chan, James

Pathology (School of Medicine)

Single cell laser trapping Raman spectroscopy. Raman and IR based optical fiber sensors. SERS-based sensors. Nonlinear microscopy (SHG, CARS)

Chaudhari, Abhijit

Diagnostic Radiology (School of Medicine)

Medical imaging instrumentation, imaging protocols, and methods for image analysis

Chen-Izu, Ye

Biomedical Engineering; Pharmacology; Internal Medicine – Cardiology (School of Medicine)

Electrophysiology of cardiac muscle and arrhythmia mechanisms; Ca2+ dynamics in excitation-contraction coupling; Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying hypertension induced hypertrophy and heart failure.

Cherry, Simon

Biomedical Engineering; Diagnostic Radiology

Molecular imaging technology, particularly positron emission tomography, multi-modality imaging systems, gamma and x-ray detector technology,3-D image reconstruction and use of imaging techniques in phenotyping and drug development.

Christiansen, Blaine

Orthopaedic Surgery

Adaptation of musculoskeletal tissues to the mechanical environment, injury, or disease.

Clancy, Colleen

Pharmacology (School of Medicine)

Computational approaches to reveal mechanisms of excitability in the heart and brain.

Davis, Cristina

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Research efforts focus around designing novel mechanical systems that are biologically inspired or focused.

Dieterich, Sonja

Radiation Oncology

Image guided brachytherapy, statistical process control, in-vivo dosimetry using big data.

Duan, Yong

Biomedical Engineering

Design and construction of synthetic biomolecular networks. Protein and RNA engineering. Directed evolution. Biosensors.

Facciotti, Marc

Biomedical Engineering

Systems biology, synthetic biology, structure, dynamics and function of gene regulatory networks, protein engineering.

Fathallah, Fadi

Biological & Agricultural Engineering

Exposure assessment and development of interventions for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders among agricultural workers; basic understanding of the effects of stooped postures and stooped work on the spine; biomechanics of ladders in agriculture.

Ferrara, Katherine

Biomedical Engineering

Signal and imaging processing, medical imaging, ultrasound, acoustics, optics, fluid mechanics.

Fyhrie, David

Orthopaedic Surgery(School of Medicine); Biomedical Engineering

Bone biomechanics; bone remodeling; cartilage mechanical properties; bone cell mechanobiology; fracture mechanics; and finite element modeling.

Gibeling, Jeffery

Materials Science and Engineering

Creep Properties of Materials, Fatigue and Fracture of Materials, Materials Science, Mechanical Properties of Materials, Metal Matrix Composites.

Goldman, Mark

Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior; Ophthalmology and Vision Science  (School of Medicine)

Cellular and network dynamics; sensory processing, memory, and plasticity; neural integrators.

Gorin, Fredric

Neurology (School of Medicine)

Neurology disorders and dysautonomiast.

Grandi, Eleonora

Pharmacology (School of Medicine)

Developing mechanistic computational models to understand the cellular mechanisms of complex cardiac arrhythmia diseases.

Haudenschild, Dominik

Orthopaedics Surgery (School of Medicine)

Interactions between the chondrocyte cytoskeleton and signal transduction events which lead to the regulation of gene expression and extracellular matrix synthesis required for the maintenance of health cartilage and the interactions between COMP and ADAMTS enzymes that create osteoarthritis biomarkers.

Hawkins, David

Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

Developing tools and interventions that facilitate people maintaining health and physical performance capabilities throughout their lifespan.

Heinrich, Volkmar

Biomedical Engineering

Molecular-to-cellular bioengineering/biomechanics: Towards a quantitative understanding of mechano-sensing, -signaling, and -regulation

Hell, Johannes

Pharmacology (School of Medicine)

Molecular, cellular, and electrophysiological analysis synaptic transmission; protein protein interactions and signaling within nano domains, super resolution imaging , single ion channel recording.

Howell, Stephen

Biomedical Engineering

The biomechanics, surgical technique innovation, component or fixation devise design, and clinical outcome of total knee arthroplasty and anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Hull, Maury

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Biomedical Engineering

Causes, surgical repair, and rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries and diseases to the knee with emphasis on end-stage osteoarthritis treated by total knee arthroplasty, anterior cruciate ligament rupture treated by reconstruction, and meniscal tears treated by transplantation.

Huser, Thomas

Internal Medicine – Endocrinology (School of Medicine)

Ultra-sensitive optical microscopy and spectroscopy of biomolecular and cellular systems.

Joshi, Sanjay

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Control Systems, Neuroengineering, Robotics, Spacecraft Systems.

Jue, Thomas

Biological Chemistry (School of Medicine)

Refining high resolution NMR techniques to investigate the cellular response to limiting oxygen and the control of oxidative phosphorylation in myocardium and skeletal muscle; developing chemical shift imaging technique to spatially map tissue oxygenation and metabolite levels in vivo.

Koehl, Patrice

Computer Science

Understanding protein structures, development of new algorithms for predicting the structure of a protein.

Kost, Gerald

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (School of Medicine)

Clinical pathology, clinical chemistry, and bioengineering; pathogen detection using molecular diagnostics; emergency and disaster medicine; and global strategic planning to enhance crisis standards of care.

Kuhl, Tonya

Chemical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering

Neutron Scattering Measurements of Confined Complex Fluids, Membrane Interactions

Lam, Kit

Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine; Internal Medicine – Hematology/Oncolcology (School of Medicine)

Chemical biology, combinatorial chemistry, high-throughput screening, targeted therapy, nanotherapeutics, molecular imaging, tyrosine kinase inhibition, proteomics.

Leach, J. Kent

Biomedical Engineering;  Orthopedic Surgery (School of Medicine)

Application of tissue engineering principles to repair and replace lost or defective tissues, cellular manipulation, drug delivery, biomaterials.

Lewis, Jamal

Biomedical Engineering

Immuno-modulatory materials, stimuli-responsive materials, dendritic cell immunobiology, translational medicine, host immune system-material interactions, autoimmune disease therapy.

Louie, Angelique

Biomedical Engineering

Molecular imaging, cellular imaging, development of diagnostic and therapeutic agents, magnetic resonance imaging, novel contrast agents.

Marcu, Laura

Biomedical Engineering; Neurological Surgery (School of Medicine)

Optical spectroscopy and imaging for biomedical diagnostics, clinical translation of biophotonic technologies; fluorescence lifetime tissue diagnostics; image-guided and robotic surgery; multimodal tissue diagnostics at interface of ultrasound backscatter microscopy and photoacoustics; applications of biophotonic technologies in oncology, cardiovascular diseases and tissue engineering.

McDonald, Karen

Chemical Engineering

Developing novel expression systems  and bioprocess engineering technologies to produce recombinant proteins.

McNary, Sean

Orthopaedic Surgery (School of Medicine)

 Biotribology: Biochemical and biomechanical mechanisms of articular cartilage lubrication; Biomechanics: Elucidation of the wear and degradation processes of cartilage; Tissue Engineering: Adaptation of these tools toward enhancing the functionality of engineered cartilage

Moxon, Karen

Biomedical Engineering/ Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Computational modeling, neural modeling, neurorobotics, neuromimetics, neurocontrol, multiple,single neuron recording.

Murphy, Christopher

Ophthalmology & Vision Science  (School of Medicine)

Modulation of cell behaviors by biophysical cues, with relevance to the design of improved cell culture ware, surgical implants and understanding disease processes; engineering-inspired approaches to “engineer” a wound bed to promote healing; optical performance in animals that evolved in response to challenging environmental conditions.

Nitin, Nitin

Biological & Agricultural Engineering; Food Science & Technology

Developing technologies for addressing key issues in areas of food safety and food for health initiatives, and  developing molecular imaging technologies from a single cell level to a whole body imaging.

Nolta, Jan

Internal Medicine – Hematology/Oncolcology (School of Medicine)

Dynamics of stem cell migration and attraction to sites of injury. Following intravenous infusion, adult stem cells home to sites of tissue damage. Areas studied are cellular response to hypoxia and chemokines, cell motility, cell-to-cell interactions, and paracrine factors secreted by MSC at the site of injury.

Pan, Tingrui

Biomedical Engineering

Bio-microelectromechanical systems/nanoelectromechanical systems (BioMEMS/NEMS), diagnostic and therapeutic microsystems for ocular diseases, bio-mimetic sensors and actuators, bio-artificial implants, and controllable drug delivery systems.

Panitch, Alyssa

Biomedical Engineering

Designing biomimetic and synthetic materials for drug delivery and regenerative medicine.

Parikh, Atul

Biomedical Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering

Phospholipid Based Strategies in the Design of Interfacial films, Biomaterials, and new classes of soft matter; Reaction-diffusion dynamics in low-dimensional lipid membranes.

Passerini, Anthony

Biomedical Engineering

Vascular inflammation; hemodynamics; endothelial mechanobiology; mechanotransduction; pathology of atherosclerosis; vascular device interventions and failure.

Qi, Jinyi

Biomedical Engineering

Molecular imaging, signal and image processing, image reconstruction, image quality evaluation, system modeling and optimization, inverse problems.

Quon, Gerald

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Computational biology, machine learning, human genetics, gene regulation, epigenomics, therapy.

Ravani, Bahram

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Collision Mechanics and Biomechanics; Design & Analysis of Crash Protection Systems; Kinematics & Dynamics of Movement & Motion Planning for Surgical and Rehabilitation Robotics; Forensic Biomechanics.

Reddi, A Hari

Orthopaedic Surgery (School of Medicine)

Cellular and molecular basis of cartilage repair and osteoarthritis. Fracture healing and stem cells for regeneration in nonunions. Tissue engineering of bone and cartilage based on biomaterials and biotechnology. Role of extracellular matrix and growth factors in cell differentiation and morphogenesis of bone and cartilage. Hormonal regulation of cartilage, bone, and bone marrow development.

Ripplinger, Crystal

Pharmacology (School of Medicine)

Mechanisms of Cardiac Arrhythmias; Cardiovascular Molecular Imaging.

Rocke, David

Biomedical Engineering; Public Health Sciences (School of Medicine)

Statistical analysis of gene expression, proteomics, and metabolomics data; radiation biology: effects of low and moderate dose radiation on human skin; biomedical statistics; wound healing; formal models in international relations.

Saiz, Leonor

Biomedical Engineering

Computational and theoretical approaches to the study of biological networks at the cellular and molecular level. Multiscale and multilevel approaches to study biomolecular processes. Assembly of macromolecular complexes on DNA, membranes, and scaffolds. Statistical mechanics basis of gene regulation and signal transduction. Noise in cellular processes. In vivo biomolecular mechanics. Molecular biophysics: membranes, membrane associated proteins, and their interactions with small molecules and drugs.

Sarigul-Klijn, Nesrin

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Finite element methods, aerospace structures, aeroelasticity, biomechanics, and vibro-acoustics.

Savageau, Michael

Biomedical Engineering

Function, design, and evolution of cellular and molecular networks.

Seibert, Anthony

Diagnostic Radiology (School of Medicine)

Acceptance testing and quality control for radiological imaging equipment used in the departments of radiology, surgery, medicine.

Seker, Erkin

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Nanostructured materials, high-throughput material characterization platforms, structure-property relationships in micro- and nano-scale, tissue-material and biomolecule-surface interactions, BioMEMS, microfluidic flow control schemes, multi-functional biomedical devices, drug delivery, neural electrodes, biosensors.

Shackelford, James

Materials Science and Engineering

Structural characterization and processing of materials, focusing on glasses and biomaterials.

Silva, Eduardo

Biomedical Engineering

Engineering novel polymer-based vehicles for controlled delivery of cells, drugs and/or genes in the context of ischemic tissue regeneration.  We target vascularization as a critical enabling technology to engineer or regenerate virtually any tissue or organ system.

Simon, Scott

Biomedical Engineering

Biomechanics of cells and tissues, neutrophil biology, innate immunity and inflammatory mechanisms of acute infection and atherosclerosis; fluorescence flow cytometry and  lab-chip microfluidic technologies.

Srinivasan, Vivek

Biomedical Engineering

Biophotonics technologies for basic and translational research and clinical diagnostics, neuroimaging, neurovascular coupling, cerebral blood flow and metabolism, in vivo functional optical imaging, light-tissue interactions.

Stover, Susan

Anatomy Physiology & Cell Biology (School of Veterinary Medicine)

Epidemiology, pathogenesis, and biomechanics of repetitive, overuse injuries in equine athletes.

Sutcliffe, Julie

Biomedical Engineering; Internal Medicine – Hematology/ Oncolcology (School of Medicine)

Development of novel imaging probes and chemistries for PET.

Tagkopoulos, Ilias

Computer Science

Uses computational and experimental methods to address questions in evolutionary, systems and synthetic biology

Takada, Yoshikazu

Dermatology (School of Medicine)

Integrins, cellular processes that promote inflammation, understanding how integrin-binding results in pro-inflammatory signals.

Tan, Cheemeng

Biomedical Engineering

Synthetic biology, artificial cellular systems, gene regulation, cellular heterogeneity, antibiotic treatment.

Tarantal, Alice

General Pediatrics (School of Medicine); Cell Biology and Human Anatomy

Hematopoietic, mesenchymal, endothelial, and embryonic stem cells for tissue regeneration and repair and transplantation.

Wachsmann-Hogiu, Sebastian

Pathology (School of Medicine)

Real-time optical pathology, biosensors and assays, time-resolved Raman/fluorescence micro-spectroscopy.

Walton, Jeffrey

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). NMR and MRI are used to noninvasively measure material properties (strain, temperature, viscosity, velocity) of materials. Also, NMR and MRI hardware design for use as sensors.

Wang, Aijun

Surgery (School of Medicine)

Developing novel technologies that combine stem cell engineering and biomaterial engineering to promote tissue regeneration.

Werner, John

Ophthalmology & Vision Science  (School of Medicine); Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior

High-resolution retinal imaging in humans using adaptive optics and optical coherence tomography.

Yamada, Soichiro

Biomedical Engineering

Cell-cell adhesion, cytoskeletal mechanics, tissue morphogenesis and cell motility in three-dimensional culture, high-resolution fluorescence microscopy, artificial cell membrane.

Yamamoto, Tokihiro

Radiation Oncology (School of Medicine)

Translational research in radiation oncology, focused on developing and investigating novel imaging technologies and integrating these innovations into clinical radiotherapy