If you are affiliated with the UC System, and would like to utilize one or more of the following services, please click the “UC Service Request” button.  If you are not directly affiliated with UC, but would still like to make use of these services, please contact the lab manager (


3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping:  The facility has three different 3D printers (also known as rapid prototyping machines), each with its own set of strengths. Please see our 3D printing feature for a detailed breakdown of each machine.


3D Scanning:  Utilizing the NextEngine 3D scanner, existing three dimensional objects can be imported into a CAD environment.  Please see the equipment description page for further clarification of capabilities.


PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Manufacturing:  Our LPKF S103 grants the ability to create Dual-Layer PCBs. Other options include thru-hole plating (over vias), and solder-resist masking.


Laser Cutting and Engraving: Our Kern Micro 24 laser cutter is capable performing planar cuts, and 3D engravings in a variety of materials; Acrylic (up to 1” thick) and thin sheet steel (up to 18 gauge) tend to work best, but many other materials can be cut.


CNC Machining:  Utilizing our 3 Axis Acer Knee mill in conjunction with an ACURITE 3-Axis controller, complex 3D geometry can be machined from plastics, aluminum, steel, and other materials.

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