The Designated Emphasis in Biophotonics and Bioimaging has a monthly meeting where the entire community of biophotonics faculty, students and researchers can meet and discuss upcoming research in an informal, interactive setting. Each meeting is 2 hours in duration is dedicated to specific biophotonics topics, described below. These Biophotonics meetings encourage the dissemination of progress in the field and enable participants to gain a wider breadth of knowledge of the field in general.

Meetings For 2017-2018
Date Presenter Focus
Nov. 9 Steve George 

Anne Haudenschild 

“Organ-on-a-chip” technologies in an optically clear microfluidic device

Multimodal technology for non-destructive characterization of tissue engineered articular cartilage

 Dec. 14 9:00 AM GBSF 4202 Alba Alfonso-Garcia 

Jakob Unger

“Fluorescence lifetime in vascular tissue engineering”

“Delineation of breast tumor resection margins using fluorescence lifetime imaging”


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