The Designated Emphasis in Biophotonics and Bioimaging has a monthly meeting where the entire community of biophotonics faculty, students and researchers can meet and discuss upcoming research in an informal, interactive setting. Each meeting is 2 hours in duration is dedicated to specific biophotonics topics, described below. These Biophotonics meetings encourage the dissemination of progress in the field and enable participants to gain a wider breadth of knowledge of the field in general.

Meetings For 2016-2017
Date Presenter Focus
Oct 13 Jon Sack

Oybek Kholiqov

Imaging voltage activation of ion channels with engineered spider toxins

Interferometric Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (iNIRS) for Quantitative in vivo Brain Oximetry and Flowmetry

Nov 10 Justin Klein

Benjamin Sherlock

Evaluation of Cerenkov luminescence imaging for guided brain tumor resection surgery

“Simultaneous fluorescence lifetime imaging and optical coherence tomography in a double clad fiber”

Dec 8 Selected topics in Biophotonics and Bioimaging – BTP 201 Final student presentations
Jan 12 Brad Hartl

Aaron Selfridge

“Fluorescence Lifetime Characterization of Radiation-Induced Brain Necrosis in a Rat Model”

“Development of an MR-Compatible Depth of Interaction PET Detector”

Feb 9 9:00 AM J. Heiner Lieth “Indoor plant production lighting considerations”
Mar 9 Daniel Fong
Cai Li
Jun Zhu
Aaron Michael Kho
“Transabdominal Fetal Oximetry”
Final student presentation
Final student presentation
Final student presentation
Apr 13 Shau Poh Chong

Shamira Sridharan

“Visible light OCT with high volumetric resolution for molecular functional imaging of brain and retina”

“Fluorescence lifetime imaging: Clinical translation.”

May 18  Farzad Fereidouni

Pengfei Zhang

“Phasor camera for efficient spectral imaging”

“Combined Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy and Optical Coherence Tomography: from in-vivo mouse retinal imaging to in-vivo optophysiology”

June 15 Jun Zhu

Aaron Kho

Logan Allen Swartz

In vivo skin tumor delineation: Techniques and applications”

“Intraoperative Optical Techniques for Delineation of Breast Tumor Margins”

“Optical Techniques in ex vivo Pathology”

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