Mission & Chair’s Message

Kyriacos A. Athanasiou, Chair, UC Davis Biomedical Engineering

Kyriacos A. Athanasiou, Chair, UC Davis Biomedical Engineering

The Mission of the Biomedical Engineering Department is:

To combine exceptional teaching with state-of-the-art research for the advancement of technologies and computational techniques that meet medical and societal challenges.

Chair’s Message

In the recent rankings, compiled by the US News, UC Davis Biomedical Engineering has improved three positions to the 18th spot.  This position is at the 17th percentile of all BME and BIOE programs in the nation.  In a short four years, we have moved from the 50th percentile to the 17th percentile.

Our research expenditures these past couple of years have been in excess of $750,000 per BME faculty member. One may be tempted to erroneously conclude that we are an old and established department. The UC Davis Biomedical Engineering Department just entered its second decade of life, and most of the faculty members are still closer to the start of their careers than the end.

In such a short period of time, the department has grown from three faculty members to 31 and is slated to add four additional faculty lines in the next couple of years. We are about to fill two such new faculty positions now.  In this time, biomedical engineering has also gone from $662K in research expenditures to over $18 million. Since 2001, the department has had over $90 million in research expenditures. The strong interdisciplinary and cooperative environment of UC Davis and the strong institutional commitment to biomedical engineering have helped the department successfully compete for research and program funding.

Collegial and excellent faculty, outstanding and productive students, and skilled and hard-working staff collaborate to create an ideal teaching and research climate. Strong institutional support and unique resources, such as a medical school, veterinary school, and many other resources contribute to an incredibly rich environment. And we haven’t seen anything yet! Thanks to the BME department’s strong and cohesive nature, we remain on our upward trajectory.

K.A. Athanasiou