Equipment at the Facility

The Radiochemistry facility is equipped to produce radionuclides and prepare PET tracers by automated and manual synthesis.

An 11 Mev cyclotron (Siemens RDS111) is used to produce 18F, 11C, 13N, and 15O.
• Radionuclides are delivered directly to shielded hot cells, in which radiochemical reactions are performed.
• Two hot cells are equipped with remote manipulators, to perform manual reactions.
• The hot cells are shielded with 3 inches of lead and 9 inch leaded glass windows.
• Automated synthesis units for 18F and 11C chemistry are used for routine syntheses.

Left: The radiochemistry laboratory includes shielded hot cells, remote manipulators, and automated synthesis units for PET radiopharmaceutical production

Right: Automated synthesis units are used for routine production of 18F and 11C PET tracers.

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