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Job Opportunity: Junior Specialist in the Tan Lab

The Department of Biomedical Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of California, Davis invites applications from qualified candidates for one or more Junior Specialist positions. A Bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering, engineering, animal science, biology, or related field or equivalent research experience is required.

Candidate(s) will provide specialized expertise in the planning and execution of an NIH-sponsored research project studying the use of synthetic bacteria for breast cancer treatment.

Nature and Purpose

The position of Junior Specialist has a narrow focus in a specialized area and provides technical or specialized expertise (e.g., with instrumentation and research equipment, or with research methods) in the planning and execution of a research project. Junior Specialists are required to be actively and significantly involved in publishable research activities, including reviewing journal articles and engaging in discussions on research and the interpretation of research results. Junior Specialists are also expected to participate in appropriate professional/technical societies or groups and other educational and research organizations as well as review research proposals, journal manuscripts, and publications as applicable related to their research area of expertise.

Major Responsibilities and Designated Areas of Expertise

Under the direction of the PI, the candidate’s responsibilities are a significant and essential part of publishable research activities. The candidate will assist the PI in studying CRISPR-Cas delivery to breast cancer cell-lines by synthetic bacteria.

Other responsibilities include creating new cell constructs and isolating pure cell cultures. The candidate will keep meticulous records of protocols, will collaborate with other lab personnel to collect and interpret test results, and work with the research team to revise future studies as needed. Candidate will perform routine laboratory tasks including: mammalian cell and bacterial culture, media prep, animal surgery, and molecular protocols. Candidate will manage any relevant Institutional Biosafety and Institutional Animal Care protocols, and assure compliance with required documentation. The candidate will work with the project team to review and submit research proposals.

The candidate will collaborate with the research group to collect data for manuscript preparation, review, and submission. The candidate’s significant and meaningful contributions described above will lead to authorship or acknowledgement of published work.

Research in Specialized Areas (85% Effort)

  • The candidate will assist the PI and other lab personnel in studying the delivery of CRISPR-Cas into breast cancer cells using synthetic bacteria, through the collection of samples from mammalian cell and bacterial cultures and will perform various assays on isolated cells. In addition to performing assays, the candidate will interpret data. As an integral part of the study, the candidate will assist in revising plans for future studies.
  • The candidate has unique skills and expertise in performing various relevant molecular protocols, and the preparation and maintenance of mammalian and/or cultures. In addition, the candidate has expertise in using various lab equipment and will interpret and properly categorize collected data, which distinguishes him/her from other personnel who are charged with running the tests.
  • The candidate will have a clear commitment to experimental rigor, and will keep meticulous records of all aspects of the studies. They will assist in performing assays and collecting data, which is an essential and meaningful contribution to successfully submit scholarly manuscripts.
  • The candidate will be responsible for reading and reviewing literature pertinent to the studies.
  • In addition to successfully collaborating with other research personnel in the lab and communicating scientific information, the candidate will be responsible for presenting research results during weekly lab meetings. The candidate will demonstrate strong interpersonal communication skills and the ability to effectively engage others in the planning and conduct of research activities.

Professional Competence and Activity (10% Effort)

Candidate will participate in appropriate professional/technical societies or groups and other educational and research organizations.

  • In consultation with the PI, the candidate will have the potential to attend various scholarly conferences, including the Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting and American Association of Immunologists Conference. The candidate will collaborate with researchers in the lab and will help to produce data presented at conferences.
  • The candidate may participate in the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES).

University and Public Service (5% Effort)

  • Candidate may maintain liaison and respond to the needs of various industry organizations, state and federal agencies, and other external groups on issues related to area of expertise.
  • Candidate may participate in activities of committees within the department, college, campus and other University entities, as deemed appropriate by the PI

Position Available/Closing Date

As openings occur, appointments are made contingent upon availability of funding. The posting will remain open to accommodate department needs. If you would like to continue to be considered after that time, you will need to submit a new application when a new position is posted.

Interested candidates should submit all materials via the web-based online submission system (https://recruit.ucdavis.edu/JPF05084). Required materials include a curriculum vitae, cover letter, and names and contact information for 3-5 references.