David Rocke

Distinguished Professor

Office: Med Sci 1C, Room 146

Telephone: (530) 752-6999

Email: dmrocke@ucdavis.edu

Lab: Rocke Lab

Personal Education

Ph.D., University of Illinois, Chicago (Mathematics)
Supplemental Coursework, University of Chicago (Statistics)
M.A., University of Illinois, Chicago (Mathematics)
A.B., Shimer College (Mathematics and Physics)

Research Interests

•Statistical analysis of gene expression, proteomics, and metabolomics data
•Radiation biology: effects of low and moderate dose radiation on human skin
•Biomedical statistics
•Wound healing
•Formal models in international relations

Selected Publications
2011 Huguette Albrecht, Blythe Durbin-Johnson, Reem Yunis, Karen M. Kalanetra, Shiquan Wu, Rachel Chen, Thomas S. Stevenson, and David M. Rocke, ―Transcriptional response of ex vivo human skin to ionizing radiation: comparison between low and high dose effects,‖ submitted for publication.

2011 Reem Yunis, Huguette Albrecht, Karen M. Kalanetra, Shiquan Wu, and David M. Rocke, ―Genomic characterization of three dimensional skin model following exposure to ionizing radiation,‖ submitted for publication.

2011 Karen M. Kalanetra, Susanne R. Berglund, Reem Yunis, Huguette Albrecht, Shiquan Wu, Ruixiao Lu, Joerg Lehmann, Heather N. Witt, Robin L. Stern, and David M. Rocke, ―Gene Expression Time-Course Response of Human Skin Exposed In Vivo to Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation,‖ submitted for publication.

2011 Alaa Afify, Stacey Tate, Blythe Durbin-Johnson, David Rocke, Thomas Konia, ―Expression of CD44s and CD44v6 in Lung Cancer and Their Correlation with Prognostic Factor,‖ International Journal of Biological Markers, In Press.

2010 Jill L. Maron, Kirby L. Johnson, David M. Rocke, Michael Cohen, and Diana W. Bianchi, ―Neonatal Salivary Analysis Reveals Global Gene Expression Changes in the Developing Premature Infant,‖ Clinical Chemistry, 56, 409–416.

2010 Frederick S. Kaplan, Michael A. Zasloff, Joseph A. Kitterman, Eileen M. Shore, Charles C. Hong, and David M. Rocke, ―Early Mortality and Cardiorespiratory Failure in Patients With Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva,‖ Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, 92, 686–691.

2010 Ying Chen, Rebecca Wu, James Felton, David M. Rocke, and Anu Chakicherla, ” A Method to Detect Differential Gene Expression in Cross-Species Hybridization Experiments at Gene and Probe Level,” Biomedical Informatics Insights, 3, 1–10.

2010 Donald A. Barkauskas and David M. Rocke, ―A General-Purpose Baseline Estimation Algorithm for Spectroscopic Data, Analytica Chimica Acta, 657, 191–197