Eduardo A. Silva

silva 2Assistant Professor

Office: (530) 754-7107

Lab: (530) 752-9727

Office: 2515 GBSF


Lab: Silva Lab

Personal Education

Ph.D. Engineering Sciences: Bioengineering, University of Porto, Portugal (2008)

Research Interests

My research efforts focus on the field of translation stem cell bioengineering.

My aim is to develop new material platforms that enable one to control stem/progenitor cell trafficking in the body.

The lab is focused on mastering chemistry and biologically inspired design principles that will result in the develop of new material platforms that enables one to actively negotiate biological barriers, including endothelial walls found in vascular networks.

Currently the research in the Silva lab is actively exploring and developing research on the following topics/research goals:

1. Develop tools for studying stem cell pluripotency and differentiation

2. Development of new materials systems that locally define and regulate homing sites

3. Design of a material system that provides the appropriate chemical and physical cues to control and manipulate endothelial cell extravasations

4. Development of material systems that specifically target hypoxic regions in the body

 Selected Publications

  1. Lui KO, Zangi L, Silva EA, Bu L, Sahara M, Li RA, Mooney DJ, Chien KR. Driving vascular endothelial cell fate of human multipotent Isl1+ heart progenitors with VEGF modified mRNA. Cell Res. 2013 Oct;23(10):1172-1186.
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