Biomedical Engineering

Cellular And Molecular Systems

Cellular and molecular engineering focuses on the principles and methods of the physical and biological sciences, medicine and engineering to understand human and animal physiology and pathology. Using tools in biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, and genetics, a primary objective is to engineer cells and tissues for therapeutic applications. This interdisciplinary systems approach has yielded rapid advances and clinical therapies as applied to structural tissue repair (e.g., skin, bone, cartilage, tendon, muscle, and blood vessel). It is now possible to enhance metabolic function (e.g., liver), improve the efficiency of drug delivery, and target cell-based gene therapy, and design small molecule antagonists and therapeutics for inflammation. The research combines the principles of molecular and cellular biology and medicine with essential elements from biophysics, solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and physical chemistry to provide a rigorous background for research in industrial and academic environments.

Faculty with Interests in Cellular and Molecular Systems:

Name Phone Home Department
Aldredge, Ralph (530) 752-5016 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Athanasiou, Kyriacos (530) 752-1033 Biomedical Engineering, Orthopaedic Surgery
Aviran, Sharon (530) 752-6978 Biomedical Engineering
Benham, Craig (530) 754-9647 Biomedical Engineering, Mathematics
Chen-Izu, Ye (530) 752-3232 Biomedical Engineering, Pharmacology
Clancy, Colleen (530) 754-0254 Pharmacology
Curry, Fitz-Roy (530) 752-6716 Physiology & Membrane Biology, Biomedical Engineering
Davis, Cristina (530) 754-9004 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Duan, Yong (530) 754-7632 Biomedical Engineering
Facciotti, Marc (530) 752-3781 Biomedical Engineering
Goldman, Mark (530) 757-8749 Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior
Gorin, Fredric (530) 754-5009 Neurology, Medicine
Heinrich, Volkmar (530) 754-6644 Biomedical Engineering
Hell, Johannes (530) 752-6540 Pharmacology
Kiehl, Richard (530) 752-0636 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Koehl, Patrice (530) 752-8254 Computer Science
Kost, Gerald (530) 752-7355 Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Kuhl, Tonya (530) 754-5911 Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Biomedical Engineering
Lam, Kit (916) 734-0910 Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
Leach, J. Kent (530) 754-9149 Biomedical Engineering, Orthopaedic Surgery
Louie, Angelique (530) 752-7134 Biomedical Engineering
Murphy, Christopher (530) 752-6042 Surgical and Radiological Sciences
Nolta, Jan (916) 453-2335 Hematology-Oncology, Internal Medicine
O’Driscoll, Stephen (530) 754-0435 Electrical and Computer Engineering
Pan, Tingrui (530) 754-9508 Biomedical Engineering
Parikh, Atul (530) 754-7055 Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Passerini, Anthony (530) 754-6715 Biomedical Engineering
Reddi, A Hari (916) 734-3311 Orthopaedic Surgery
Revzin, Alexander (530) 752-2383 Biomedical Engineering
Ripplinger, Crystal (530) 752-1569 Pharmacology
Rocke, David (530) 752-6999 Public Health Sciences and Biomedical Engineering
Saiz, Leonor (530) 752-6700 Biomedical Engineering
Savageau, Michael (530) 754-8375 Biomedical Engineering
Seker, Erkin (530) 752-0583 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Silva, Eduardo (530) 754-7170 Biomedical Engineering
Simon, Scott (530) 752-0299 Biomedical Engineering
Tagkopoulos, Ilias (530) 752-4821 Computer Science
Takada, Yoshikazu (916) 734 7442 Dermatology: Med
Tan, Cheemeng (530) 752-7849 Biomedical Engineering
Tarantal, Alice (530) 752-6680 Pediatrics, Cell Biology and Human Anatomy
Yamada, Soichiro (530) 754-7251 Biomedical Engineering
Yokobayashi, Yohei (530) 754-9676 Biomedical Engineering