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Research Summary:

Our research group motto is to drive and dictate in situ therapeutic angiogenesis with minimally invasive material systems. Our long-term goal is to engineer novel polymer-based vehicles for controlled delivery of cells, drugs and/or genes in the context of ischemic tissue regeneration. Overall, our current research interests target vascularization as a critical enabling technology to engineer or regenerate virtually any tissue or organ system. (more details) Pubmed || Google Scholar


 Latest News (selected):

Congratulations to Justin Madrigal for his recent publication: Microgels produced using microfluidic on-chip polymer blending for controlled released of VEGF encoding lentivectors

Congratulations to Ana Torres for her recent publication entitled: Guiding morphogenesis in cell-instructive microgels for therapeutic angiogenesis.

Congratulations to Kevin Campbell for being award with a Predoctoral fellowship from the NHLBI Training Program.

Congratulations to Justin Madrigal for successfully defending his Ph.D.!!!

Congratulations to Priscilla Williams for successfully defending her Ph.D.!!!

Congratulations to Justin Madrigal  and all the other co-authors for the recent publication – Journal of Materials Chemistry B. – Microfluidic generation of alginate microgels for the controlled delivery of lentivectors

Congratulations to both Roberta Stilhano, Justin Madrigal and all the other co-authors for their recent publication on Journal of Controlled Release (Pubmed). (pdf)

Eduardo Silva was invited to NPR/Capital Public Radio and to talk about our group research. Eduardo chatted with Beth Ruyak on Insight and you can hear the interview here.

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 Recent Publications (selected):

Madrigal J.L., Sharma S.N., Campbell KT, Stilhano R.S., Gijsbers R., Silva E.A. Microgels produced using microfluidic on-chip polymer blending for controlled released of VEGF encoding lentivectors. Acta Biomaterialia 2018. (PubMed PMID:29398644).

Torres A.L., Bidarra S.J., Pinto M.T., Aguiar P.C., Silva E.A.# , Barrias C.C.# Guiding morphogenesis in cell-instructive microgels for therapeutic angiogenesis. Biomaterials 2018 Feb;154:34-47. (#co-senior and co-corresponding author) (PubMed PMID:29120817).

Williams PA, Campbell KT, Silva EA. Alginate hydrogels of varied molecular weight distribution enable sustained release of sphingosine-1-phosphate and promote angiogenesis. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A  2018 Jan;106(1):138-146. (Pubmed PMID:28875559).

Campbell KT, Hadley DJ, Kukis DL, Silva EA. Alginate hydrogels allow for bioactive and sustained release of VEGF-C and VEGF-D for lymphangiogenic therapeutic applications. PLoS One. 2017 Jul 19;12(7):e0181484. (pdf) (Pubmed PMID:28723974).

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