Silva Lab

Research Summary:

Our research group motto is to drive and dictate in situ therapeutic angiogenesis with minimally invasive material systems. Our long-term goal is to engineer novel polymer-based vehicles for controlled delivery of cells, drugs and/or genes in the context of ischemic tissue regeneration. Overall, our current research interests target vascularization as a critical enabling technology to engineer or regenerate virtually any tissue or organ system. (more details) Pubmed || Google Scholar



 Latest News (selected):

Congratulations to Priscilla Williams and co-authors for her recent publication on Journal of Biomedical Materials Research part A.

Congratulations to Justin Madrigal for successfully defending his Ph.D.!!!

Congratulations to Kevin Campbell and co-authors for the recent publication – Alginate hydrogels allow for bioactive and sustained release of VEGF-C and VEGF-D for lymphangiogenic therapeutic applications. PLoS ONE (pdf).

Congratulations to Justin Madrigal and Roberta Stilhano for their recent publication – Biomaterial Guided Gene Delivery for Musculoskeletal Tissue Repair (link) (PMID: 28166711).

Congratulations to Priscilla Williams for her recent publication on Annals of Biomedical Engineering (PMID: 27904998).

Congratulations to Priscilla Williams for successfully defending her Ph.D.!!!

Congratulations to Justin Madrigal  and all the other co-authors for the recent publication – Journal of Materials Chemistry B. – Microfluidic generation of alginate microgels for the controlled delivery of lentivectors

Congratulations to both Roberta Stilhano, Justin Madrigal and all the other co-authors for their recent publication on Journal of Controlled Release (Pubmed). (pdf)

Eduardo Silva was invited to NPR/Capital Public Radio and to talk about our group research. Eduardo chatted with Beth Ruyak on Insight and you can hear the interview here.

Congratulations to Roberta Stilhano and co-authors for their recent publication on FASEB J (Pubmed). (pdf).


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