Artificial Cellular Systems group | Prof. Cheemeng Tan | Department of Biomedical Engineering | University of California, Davis

Engineering Artificial Cellular Systems for Biotechnological Applications

Our work is unified under one theme: the engineering of synthetic biological systems for therapeutic treatment. We approach this issue through two fundamental directions. To improve the control of synthetic cellular systems, we harness functioning mechanisms in natural cells to control dynamics of synthetic cells and organisms. In parallel, we investigate how heterogeneous cellular populations respond to drug treatment. We aim to merge the two directions to create novel treatment strategies using artificial cellular systems. We are honored to work with biologists, statistician, engineers, physicist, and chemists in the pursue of our research goals. Our work is multi-disciplinary and strives to create new frontiers in synthetic biology by synergizing ideas from different fields.

Recent Publication

Voices: What Is the Role of Circuit Design in the Advancement of Synthetic Biology? Part 3. – Beyond ‘Electronic’ Circuits
C. Tan
Cell Systems, 2017 pdf

Latest News

Apr 2018, Prof Tan was selected as a Scialog Fellow.

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