3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping:  The facility has three different 3D printers (also known as rapid prototyping machines), each with its own set of strengths. Please see our 3D printing feature for a detailed breakdown of each machine.
  3D Scanning:  Utilizing the NextEngine 3D scanner, existing three dimensional objects can be imported into a CAD environment.  Please see the equipment description page for further clarification of capabilities.
  PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Manufacturing:  Our LPKF S103 grants the ability to create Dual-Layer PCBs. Other options include thru-hole plating (over vias), and solder-resist masking.
  Laser Cutting and Engraving: Our Kern Micro 24 laser cutter is capable performing planar cuts, and 3D engravings in a variety of materials; Acrylic (up to 1” thick) and thin sheet steel (up to 18 gauge) tend to work best, but many other materials can be cut.
  CNC Machining:  Utilizing our 3 Axis Acer Knee mill in conjunction with an ACURITE 3-Axis controller, complex 3D geometry can be machined from plastics, aluminum, steel, and other materials.

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