PolyJet 3D Printers

PolyJet 3D Printers

Short Description: additive manufacturing system which deposits photo-curing resin (via jetting-heads) in layers (from the bottom up) until final part geometry is achieved. Parts can be taken directly from printer, to end use applications and prototyping.  The lab currently has two of these systems – one which can handle two distinctly different build materials (and even blend them) and one primarily set up to print in translucent plastic (which can be polished).

Materials: Acrylate-Based photo-polymers. Material varies from rigid to flexible, opaque to translucent/clear.  These systems also permit the blending of two distinctly different materials – exp1: 1 rigid, and 1 flexible to achieve an intermediate material.  exp2: 1 translucent material, and one opaque.

Mechanical properties: Very rigid, but moderately low yield stress at thin dimensions (when using rigid material).

Accuracy: Extremely high precision – 16 micron layers permit feature accuracy of ~0.05mm (dependent on surrounding geometry and print orientation)  See 3D-Printing comparison chart for more details.

Maximum Part Size: 260x260x200mm


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