Microbial Prototyping: TEAM can help you design, build and test DNA-encoded devices.
We can develop an assembly strategy to most efficiently construct your DNA-encoded constructs. Then we can help plan out the appropriate experiments to test your newly built DNA constructs. Or we can do the building and testing for you.
(Coming Soon: Eukaryotic/Mammalian Prototyping)

We also can edit bacterial, archaeal, and eukaryotic genomes.

  Protein Expression and Preparative Purification: TEAM can perform protein expression and preparative purifications up to 10L. We can work with you to appropriately plan and express a wide variety of proteins in a wide range of bacterial hosts. To find out more, please follow the protein expression link.
  Microbial Cell Culture: TEAM can help you grow your microbial cells. Our facilities have options for both batch culture as well as fermentor growth. Follow the link for more information.
  Site and equipment for special activities involving molecular or living things: The MPBIL space can be used by groups or individuals for special activities involving molecular or living things. Follow the link for examples of the types of activities we can host and more information.

Don’t see something you might need? Feel free to ask!  We’ll work with you to see if we can make it happen.
Contact Andrew Yao, for more information about services or related inquiries.

Future services (development in progress):

  • Engineering and prototyping of mammalian cells
    • Building and transfecting mammalian hosts
    • Genome editing (CRISPR)
  • Protein expression in diverse expression platforms
  • Mammalian tissue culture and transfection
  • Highly parallelized DNA library construction

Services and recharge rates vary depending on level of support required.*

*Service levels include: Unsupervised use of equipment (training and certification required); supervised use; contract (work performed entirely by TEAM personnel)

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