Course Materials Fees

Information on Course Materials Fees (CMFs) for all courses offered through the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) is available below. The CMFs for each course are reviewed every 3 years by the department and the campus rate committee. CMFs are designed to recover costs of consumables and services used for a course; they do not cover personnel costs or the cost of equipment. Students should direct questions on CMFs to Christal Wintersmith.

Course CMF Valid through
BIM 110A $40 2017 Materials and consumables related to project prototyping.
BIM 110B $40 2017 Materials and consumables related to design project prototyping.
BIM 110L $40 2019 Materials and consumbles related to machine shop qualification project.  Replacement tooling and parts subject to frequent use.  Software licensing (CAD).
BIM 111 $30 2019 Materials and consumables related to lab projects (electronic components:  fuses, wires, op-amps, batteries, etc). Software licensing (Lab View).
BIM 118 $65 2018 Materials and consumables related to microfabrication lab projects (PDMS, silicon wafers, glass slides, etc).  Software licensing (L-Edit).
BIM 161L $60 2019 Materials and consumables related to molecular lab projects (reagents and chemicals, plastic ware, enzymes, disposal, etc).


Students in financial difficulty may seek to waive this fee. The form below must be submitted to Christal Wintersmith in 2316 GBSF before the 20th day of instruction.

Request for Course Materials and Services Fee Waiver