You must be a currently registered UC Davis student to do research at UC Davis. To learn about research on campus, you should start by visiting the Undergraduate Research Center. Then you should find a faculty member whose research interests you, either BME faculty or other faculty on campus. Spend some time on their website familiarizing yourself with their research, and then send a very brief email sharing a little bit of your background and expressing interest in their research. You can also look for research opportunities through Aggie Job Link

Research credit

Lab Credit

If you are working in a BME lab, you may receive up to 5 units of P/NP BIM 199 LAB Credit per quarter. Each unit is equal to 3 hours/week in the lab. Forms need to be turned in to Rosalind by the 10-day drop deadline. Rosalind will then provide the crn. For work in other labs on campus, ask your PI for a 199 form for their department.

Engineering or Science Elective Credit

BME majors may petition for 4 units of P/NP 199 EE and SE Petition. This will count for 2 units/quarter for 2 quarters for a total of 4 units. This 199 credit may be from any PI  at UC Davis.  Students must have upper division standing (>90 quarter units) to petition. Both petition proposals and results need to be approved. May not be repeated.