Upper Division Composition

To fulfill the Upper Division English Composition requirement, BME students may choose from eight UWP courses, each of which focuses on a different type of writing:  UWP 101 is general advanced composition, the UWP 102 series focus on writing done in specific academic disciplines, and the UWP 104 series focus on writing done in distinct professions. See the expanded course descriptions below:

UWP 101 – Advanced Composition

UWP 102B – Writing in the Disciplines: Biological Sciences

UWP 102E – Writing in the Disciplines: Engineering

UWP 104A – Writing in the Professions: Business  Writing

UWP 104E – Writing in the Professions: Science

UWP 104F – Writing in the Professions: Health

UWP 104I – Writing in the Professions: Internships

UWP 104T – Writing in the Professions: Technical Writing


The Upper Division Composition Exam

If you pass the Upper Division Composition Exam, you do not have to take a course in Upper Division Composition. However, it is strongly recommended that you take the course because it gives you invaluable writing experience in your profession. Also, the pass rate from the exam is usually well below 50%. The exam is given quarterly and you have up to 2 attempts to pass it.

If you want to use an upper division UWP course as a GE and use the exam to meet your upper division composition requirement, then you must take the exam first.  This rule is strictly enforced.