Biomedical Engineering

New Faculty


Cheemeng Tan joined the department as an Assistant Professor in Fall, 2013.  He has a B.S. from the National University of Singapore and a Ph.D. from Duke University.  His lab works on the engineering of artificial cellular systems, novel strategies of antibiotic treatment, and underlying mechanisms of cellular heterogeneity. He has established a multi-scale approach that consists of single molecule experiments, cell-free expression systems, and artificial cells. Single molecule experiments could unravel the heterogeneity in molecular interactions, which could impact dynamics of synthetic biological systems. He is interested in designing new synthetic biological strategies to combat bacterial resistance and address the question using a combination of quantitative modeling, molecular biology, and imaging methods.



Vivek Srinivasan joined the Biomedical Engineering Department faculty as an Assistant Professor, effective July 1, 2012. He has a B.S. from Stanford University and a Ph.D. from MIT. His lab develops novel optical imaging techniques and diagnostics with applications spanning basic to clinical research. He is interested in neuronal control of hemodynamics and metabolism both in health and disease in the central nervous system, including the retina and brain. His highly interdisciplinary approach combines cutting edge imaging technologies with collaborations ranging from neurobiology to neurology and ophthalmology to test fundamental hypotheses and explore their diagnostic implications.