Biomedical Engineering

Departmental Faculty

Athanasiou-01-105x150 Kyriacos A. Athanasiou Major Research Interests: Understand the healing processes of cartilage, and to augment those processes via sound application of tissue engineering principles. Website: Athanasiou Lab
Aviran Sharon Aviran Major Research Interests: Computational Biology, RNA Genomics, Synthetic Biology, RNA Structural Biology, Statistical Inference and Algorithms. Website: Aviran Lab
 ramsey Ramsey D. Badawi Major Research Interests: Translational imaging, with emphasis on PET and other radiotracer techniques. Translational imaging is aimed at transferring (“translating”) research imaging methodologies to the clinic and human use. Website: Badawi Lab
 benham-104x150 Craig J. Benham Major Research Interests: Mathematical and Computational models of regulatory mechanisms, pathways, systems and networks, Bioinformatics, DNA mechanics. Website: Benham Lab
 boone-105x150 John M. Boone Major Research Interests: Novel x-ray detector systems for digital radiography and digital mammography; dual (x-ray) energy radiographic imaging and image processing. Website: Boone Lab
 izu-106x150 Ye Chen-Izu Major Research Interests: Electrophysiology of cardiac muscle and arrhythmia mechanisms; Ca2+ dynamics in excitation-contraction coupling; Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying hypertension induced hypertrophy and heart failure. Website: Cardiac Signaling Lab
 Cherry-Simon_001-107x150 Simon R. Cherry Major Research Interests: Molecular imaging technology, particularly positron emission tomography, multi-modality imaging systems, gamma and x-ray detector technology,3-D image reconstruction and use of imaging techniques in phenotyping and drug development. Website: Cherry Lab
 curry Fitz-Roy E. Curry Major Research Interests:  Theoretical and experimental studies of the regulation of the transport of water and solutes across the walls of microvessels; experimental studies involving the cannulation and perfusion of individual microvessels. Website: Curry Lab
 duan1-107x150 Yong Duan Major Research Interests: Design and construction of synthetic biomolecular networks. Protein and RNA engineering. Directed evolution. Biosensors.
 marc-facciotti-100x150 Marc T. Facciotti Major Research Interests: Systems biology, synthetic biology, structure, dynamics and function of gene regulatory networks, protein engineering. Website: Facciotti Lab
 Ferrera Katherine W. Ferrara Major Research Interests:  Signal and imaging processing, medical imaging, ultrasound, acoustics, optics, fluid mechanics. Website: Ferrara Lab
 fyhrie1-125x150 David P. Fyhrie Major Research Interests:  Bone biomechanics; bone remodeling; cartilage mechanical properties; bone cell mechanobiology; fracture mechanics; and finite element modeling. Website: Fyhrie Lab
 volkmar-105x150 Volkmar Heinrich Major Research Interests:  Nano-to-microscale quantitative biophysics and bioengineering. Single-molecule interactions. Website: Heinrich Lab
 hull-106x150 Maury L. Hull Major Research Interests:  Causes, treatment and surgical repair, and rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries and disease to the knee; muscle function, neuromuscular control, modeling, and simulation of human movement; sports biomechanics and equipment design with emphasis on cycling both on and off road. Websites: Hull Lab
 tonya2-104x150 Tonya Kuhl Major Research Interests:  Neutron Scattering Measurements of Confined Complex Fluids, Membrane Interactions Website: Kuhl Lab
 Leach_Kent-small-100x150 J. Kent Leach Major Research Interests: Application of tissue engineering principles to repair and replace lost or defective tissues, cellular manipulation, drug delivery, biomaterials. Website: Leach Lab
 louie1-104x150 Angelique Louie Major Research Interests: Molecular imaging, cellular imaging, development of diagnostic and therapeutic agents, magnetic resonance imaging, novel contrast agents, fluorescence microscopy, biochemistry of the aging eye, retinal function. Website: Louie Lab
 marcu-99x150 Laura Marcu Major Research Interests: In vivo optical spectroscopy and imaging for enhanced detection of disease in human tissue (cancer, cardiovascular); fluorescence-based minimally invasive medical diagnostics technology; high spatial – and time – resolution optical techniques for molecular imaging; optical bioMEMS; bionanophotonics: nanocrystals applications to molecular imaging. Website: Marcu Lab
Pan Tingrui Pan Major Research Interests: Bio-microelectromechanical systems/nanoelectromechanical systems (BioMEMS/NEMS), diagnostic and therapeutic microsystems for ocular diseases, bio-mimetic sensors and actuators, bio-artificial implants, and controllable drug delivery systems. Website: MiNI Lab
 atul_parikh-100x150 Atul N. Parikh Major Research Interests: Phospholipid Based Strategies in the Design of Interfacial films, Biomaterials, and new classes of soft matter; Reaction-diffusion dynamics in low-dimensional lipid membranes. Website: Parikh Group
 Tony-105x150 Tony Passerini Major Research Interests: Cardiovascular genomics; pathology of atherosclerosis; vascular hemodynamics; endothelial cell mechanotransduction; vascular device intervention and failure; genomics, proteomics and high-throughput screening technologies. Website: Passerini Lab
 jinyiprofile Jinyi Qi Major Research Interests: Molecular imaging, signal and image processing, image reconstruction, image quality evaluation, system modeling and optimization, inverse problems. Website: Qi Lab
 Alex-101x150 Alexander Revzin Major Research Interests: Microfabrication and nanotechnology for manipulation and analysis of cellular systems; single cell manipulation; biosensors for monitoring activity of individual cells; combinatorial screening of cell-microenvironment interactions; BioMEMS; biomaterials; surface science. Website: Revzin Lab
 rocke-106x150 David Rocke Major Research Interests: Statistical analysis of gene expression, proteomics, and metabolomics data; radiation biology: effects of low and moderate dose radiation on human skin; biomedical statistics; wound healing; formal models in international relations.  
 Saiz-100x150 Leonor Saiz Major Research Interests: Computational and theoretical approaches to the study of biological networks at the cellular and molecular level. Multiscale and multilevel approaches to study biomolecular processes. Assembly of macromolecular complexes on DNA, membranes, and scaffolds. Statistical mechanics basis of gene regulation and signal transduction. Noise in cellular processes. In vivo biomolecular mechanics. Molecular biophysics: membranes, membrane associated proteins, and their interactions with small molecules and drugs. Website: Saiz Lab
 Mike-107x150 Michael A. Savageau Major Research Interests: Function, design, and evolution of cellular and molecular networks Website: Savageau Lab
 Silva Eduardo A. Silva Major Research Interests: Translational stem cell bioengineering;material platforms that enable one to control stem/progenitor cell trafficking in the body. Website: Silva Lab
 Scott-110x150 Scott I. Simon Major Research Interests: Biomechanics of cells and tissues, neutrophil biology, vascular engineering, particularly with respect to inflammatory disease; fluorescence flow cytometry. Website: Simon Lab
 vivek-e1343164436750-107x150 Vivek J. Srinivasan Major Research Interests: Biophotonics technologies for basic and translational research and clinical diagnostics, neuroimaging, neurovascular coupling, cerebral blood flow and metabolism, in vivo functional optical imaging, light-tissue interactions. Website: Srinivasan Biophotonics Lab
 Julie2-100x150 Julie Sutcliffe Major Research Interests: Development of novel imaging probes and chemistries for PET. Website: Sutcliffe Lab
 cheemeng-thumb Cheemeng Tan Major Research Interests: Synthetic biology, artificial cellular systems, gene regulation, cellular heterogeneity, antibiotic treatment. Website: Tan Lab
 yamada-107x150 Soichiro Yamada Major Research Interests: Cell-cell adhesion, cytoskeletal mechanics, tissue morphogenesis and cell motility in three-dimensional culture, high-resolution fluorescence microscopy, artificial cell membrane. Website: Yamada Lab  
 yokobayashi-102x150 Yohei Yokobayashi Major Research Interests: Design and construction of synthetic biomolecular networks. Protein and RNA engineering. Directed evolution. Biosensors. Website: Yokobayashi Lab