Eliza Lara, underclared, and Johnathan Zamora, a gender studies major, listen to the chancellor

Equity and Wellness

Health, Equity and Wellness Vision Statement

Our goal is to empower voices within the UC Davis Biomedical Engineering community and create an environment of health, equity, and wellness where social justice is celebrated. Our community thrives and achieves excellence when we actively listen and promote varied outlooks and diverse social experiences in research, teaching, service, and leadership.

Our goals include:

  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive environment in our BME community with opportunities to learn and engage with topics in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). We will invite a diverse pool of BME seminar speakers, work with other groups on campus to provide DEI training and promote equity and wellness resources via the BME website.
  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive graduate program which promotes educational and professional development and enables our students to feel respected, safe, valued, and empowered to achieve their goals. We support and advocate on behalf of graduates students, creating lines of communication between students, the BMEGG, BESA, and the BME Department. We encourage our members and community to challenge their own implicit biases, strive toward anti-racist actions, and develop practices which create equity for our diverse community.
  • Cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment that enables our undergraduate students to feel respected, safe, valued and empowered by supporting and advocating on behalf of the undergraduates, creating a line of communication between them and the department.
  • Cultivating the core values of diversity, inclusion, and wellness in our faculty, professional researchers, and staff community. Diversity boosts performance through introducing a varied outlook and social experience. Inclusion is necessary to leverage diversity and foster full engagement of stakeholders. Wellness ensures a happy, productive, and sustainable workforce. We seek to promote these values through activities that inform training, hiring and retention.  Our community is healthy, thrives, and achieves excellence when we actively listen and promote marginalized voices in research, teaching, service, and leadership.

2021 JEDI Certificate Recipients

  • Ashraya Kumar
  • Christal Wintersmith
  • Eleonora Grandi
  • Emmet Francis
  • Hannah O'Toole
  • Laney Casella
  • Leonor Saiz
  • Megan Villasenor
  • Melissa Cruz-Acuña
  • Sanjeevi Sivasankar
  • Silvia Noble Anbunesan
  • Steve George
  • Taryn Loomis