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Studying Abroad as an Engineering Student is Possible and Encouraged

As an engineering student, it is possible for you to study abroad and you are encouraged to do so. Studying abroad can give you an opportunity to develop academically, professionally and personally. Many students say it is one of the best decisions they make during their undergraduate career. The easiest way to fit studying abroad into your schedule is by participating in a UC Davis Summer Abroad program, but going during the school year is also an option. With careful planning, you can enjoy being abroad while taking required courses towards your degree.

UC Davis Study Abroad offers many programs through UC Davis Summer Abroad, Quarter Abroad, Internships Abroad, Seminars Abroad and also UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP). Offerings can range by subject (general education, language acquisition, major-specific courses), by period of time (seminars, summer, quarter or year) and by academic or internship. Visit Study Abroad's website or stop by their office to find the best program for you.

For advice on how to fit study abroad classes into your academic plan, see your undergraduate program advisor. Summer is the easiest fit, but with planning, fall quarter of your junior year will work too.

For a list of study abroad options for engineers, see UC Davis BME or UCEAP Engineering. Selected biomedical engineering options are listed below.

Summer options

UC Davis
  • International Summer School, Technical University Berlin (Germany) – Enroll in one two-week course in either innovation management or German language for beginners for 4 quarter units and one four-week topic-focused intensive course for 6 quarter units.
  • International Summer School, University of Sussex (England) – Take intensive physics and other lower division science courses in a friendly, cosmopolitan environment just an hour from London.
  • Science & Engineering Internship, Agency for Science, Technology & Research – Engage in a two-month full-time internship at one of 21 biomedical science, physical science and engineering research institutes around the world.
  • Science & Engineering Summer School, University College Dublin (Ireland) – Through this unique summer program, students have the opportunity to earn credit for a one-year sequence of calculus-based physics and organic chemistry.
  • Summer Lab Research Osaka University (Japan) – Gain two months of hands-on lab/research experience. Use technical lab equipment and work closely with expert faculty and their research teams.
  • National Taiwan University (Taiwan) – This hands-on summer research opportunity allows students to spend an estimated 30 hours per week in the lab and work directly with faculty and graduate students from around the world.

Fall quarter options

UC Davis
  • Imperial College London (England) – One of the highest-ranked engineering universities in the world offers a unique and outstanding course selection in biomedical and other engineering. Conduct research projects with world-leading faculty and take professional courses that provide business and management skills. This is a year-long program.
  • University of Edinburgh (Scotland) – The College of Science & Engineering at the University of Edinburgh has an outstanding reputation and offers a vast range of subjects, from materials chemistry to geophysics to differential geometry.
  • University College Dublin (Ireland) – Experience this lively university, where you have the opportunity to participate in local sports and interest clubs while studying engineering. Enjoy small class sizes and study a variety of topics including biomedical, chemical and bioprocess, civil, electrical, energy systems and mechanical engineering.
  • Lund University (Sweden) – Pursue engineering coursework within a small-town (and small class size) setting, which allows for direct contact with faculty.
  • Osaka University (Japan) – Immerse yourself in full-time lab research in one of the hundreds of labs at Osaka University.
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong) – Experience the rigor and prestige of engineering courses at the #1 ranked School of Engineering in greater China.
  • National University of Singapore (Singapore) – Study at an institution ranked in the top four universities for engineering in the world. The university is consistently developing new technologies for current global issues.
  • National Taiwan University (Taiwan) – For majors in engineering, economics or management, no prior Chinese language study is required. These fields have particularly strong coursework taught in English, enough for full-time study.
  • University of Canterbury (New Zealand) – Take courses in the Departments of Computer Science & Software Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering while you enjoy the friendly and beautiful environment in New Zealand.
  • University of Melbourne (Australia) – Ranked first in Australia for engineering and technology, the University of Melbourne offers an outstanding selection of engineering disciplines, including biomedical, chemical and biomolecular and computing and information systems.
  • University of Cape Town (South Africa) – Take engineering courses that emphasize design skills, entrepreneurship and project management.