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The undergraduate program advisor is here to answer questions about the biomedical engineering program at UC Davis. Faculty advisors in each specialization are available for specific questions regarding elective courses, research opportunities, graduate school and careers.

Undergraduate Program Advisor

uc davis biomedical engineering undergraduate advisor rosalind christianRosalind Christian

2303 Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility (GBSF)



Advising Hours

  • Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

To schedule an appointment, use

The Undergraduate Advisor assists students with course selection, schedule planning, hold removal, degree checks, GE advising, planning for graduate school and internships and careers. LEADR students, international students and students with a grade lower than a C- or on academic probation must meet with the program advisor. Please note that Rosalind is available by appointment only.

You can also meet with a peer advisor during drop-in hours to discuss schedule planning, course selection, research positions and internships and to clear your hold. This advising is intended for lower division students only. The peer advisor will send out new drop-in advising hours at the beginning of each quarter. Please note that there is no peer advising during finals, holidays or summer.

Advising Holds

The College of Engineering requires students to meet with their undergraduate advisor at least once per academic year. To ensure that students meet this mandatory advising requirement, an advising registration hold is placed on a student’s record.

To clear these advising holds, students must meet with an advisor before the deadline assigned to their year group:

  • First Years, First term transfers - before November 30
  • Second Years - before February 28
  • Third Years - before May 31
  • Fourth Years and Beyond - before February 28

In preparation for your appointment, please save a draft version of your Academic Plan on Oasis. Uncleared holds will affect registration and schedule changes the following quarter.


If you would like additional help with material in your courses, you should attend instructor and TA office hours or find other tutoring services. Most tutoring is free, but you may also chose to hire a tutor.  Here are some of the services available:​