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The biomedical engineering (BME) program is designed to provide a solid, interdisciplinary foundation in life and physical sciences, mathematics and engineering while allowing for flexibility in the upper division requirements to encourage students to explore specializations within the field. Our curriculum is designed to impart knowledge of contemporary issues at the forefront of biomedical engineering research.

Biomedical engineers have a wide range of employment opportunities in places like industry, hospitals, academic research and teaching institutions, national laboratories and government regulatory agencies. Some of our alumni have continued on to graduate and professional study in biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering​, the biological sciences, science writing​, health professions (medical, dental, veterinary)​ and law school​.

Other alumni have found jobs in medical device companies, the pharmaceutical industry​, research equipment manufacturers, sporting gear companies and government research laboratories. To learn more about the field of biomedical engineering and the B.S. program at UC Davis, contact the undergraduate program advisor.

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