Student Resources

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Academic Support

Academic Assistance and Tutoring Center
2205 Dutton Hall
(530) 752-2013
  • Offers one-on-one and small group tutoring, study skills workshops, and essay writing help.
Success Coaching and Learning Strategies
117 South Hall
(530) 752-4475
  • Offers workshops on learning strategies, such as time management, test taking, maximizing lecture, and study smarter not harder.

 Learning and Development Opportunities

Center for Leadership Learning
1350 The Grove
  • Offers a variety of co-curricular certificate programs, workshops, and activities to help you develop your leadership and professional skills.
Health Professions Advising
1090 Blue Ridge Road
(530) 752-6435
  • Provides advising for all students pursuing any health profession or allied health field.
  • Hosts events and workshops throughout the year.
Internship and Career Center
South Hall, Second Floor
  • Offers internship and career advising via drop-in office hours, online and by appointment.
  • Provides several workshops each quarter and hosts seven career fairs throughout the year.
Office of Educational Opportunity and Enrichment Services
  • A collection of programs centered around supporting students at varying stages of their personal and professional development.
Undergraduate Research Center
2300 Student Community Center
(530) 752-3390
  • Offers information sessions, advising, educational programs, and workshops on undergraduate research.
  • Hosts the annual Undergraduate Research Conference for UC Davis students.

Student Wellbeing

Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center
Memorial Union, East Wing
(530) 752-9254
  • Offers a comfortable space for students to build community and learn about basic needs resources, pick up fresh fruits and vegetables, receive CalFresh enrollment assistance and help finding stable housing.
  • Hosts the ASUCD Pantry.
Aggie Mental Health
  • One-stop-shop for student mental health resources.
  • Made by Aggies, for Aggies. 
  • Find immediate or longer-term help and counseling. 
Center for Advocacy, Resources and Education
(530) 752-3299
  • Offers confidential victim advocacy services to all UC Davis and UC Davis Health community members.
  • CARE advocates can help survivors of sexual violence who are in crisis by helping to process emotions, explaining rights and options, and coming up with safety plans.
Healthy UC Davis - Walking Loops
  • Walking paths across the Davis and Sacramento campuses
Student Disability Center
54 Cowell Building
(530) 752-3184
  • Provides support for students with disabilities (Learning, Vision, Hearing, Medical, Psychological, Mobility).
  • Determines eligibility for academic accommodations.

Student Health and Counseling Services
930 Orchard Rd
(530) 752-2300

Counseling Services 
219 North Hall
(530) 752-0871

  • Student Health and Wellness Center provides students with wellness and injury care.
  • Counseling Services provides individual and group counseling.
Trans Student Rights Toolkit
  • Provides information and resources to help trans students

Academic Success Centers

Center for African Diaspora Student Success
270 South Silo
(530) 754-0854
  • Student support, academic and professional advising and a sense of community.
  • Mentoring by faculty, networking events and leadership development.
Center for Chicanx and Latinx Academic Student Success
Memorial Union, Second Floor
(530) 752-8402
  • Student academic and social support and a sense of community.
  • Leadership, career and employment opportunities.
Native American Student Success Center
University House
(530) 752-3890
  • Offers community to students, staff, faculty and alumni from a wide variety of tribal backgrounds, experiences, and academic interests.
  • Provides academic, social, and networking support.
Veteran’s Success Center
Memorial Union, Second Floor
(530) 752-2020
  • Provides services to student veterans, service members, and dependents of the Armed Services.
  • Offers academic, social, transition, and network support.

Community Resource and Retention Centers

AB540 and Undocumented Student Center
1003 Student Community Center
(530) 752-9538
  • Offers holistic support and resources to AB540 and undocumented students on campus.
  • Provides workshops, ally training, and symposia on topics related to immigration and education.
Center for Student Involvement
442 Memorial Union
(530) 752-2027
  • Helps groups operate successfully on campus and supports the educational experience which organizations provide for student members – as well as the entire campus community.
  • Close to 1000 registered student organizations (clubs + Greek Organizations).
Cross Cultural Center
Student Community Center, First Floor
(530) 752-4287
  • Offers various workshops and programs every quarter in an effort to cultivate critical consciousness and cultural competency including, but not limited to, P.E.A.C.E. forums, the R.E.A.C.H. Retreat, Asian Pacific Culture Week, Black Family Week, La Raza Culture Days, ME/SA Community Week, Mixed Heritage Week, Native American Culture Days, and the powwow.
FirstGen Initiative
  • Serves as a resource hub for all first-generation college students.
  • Provides mentorship program and directory of first-generation faculty.
LGBTQIA Resource Center
Student Community Center, First Floor
(530) 752-2452
  • Provides open, safe, inclusive space and community that is committed to a continued process of understanding and challenging all forms of oppression, focusing on underrepresented orientations and expressions of one’s sex, gender, and sexuality.
MENASA Student Resources (Middle Eastern, North African, South Asian)
  • Offers one-on-one support for students who identify with the Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian communities. 
  • Coordinates meetups and mentoring to facilitate a sense of community.
Services for International Students and Scholars
International Center, Third Floor
(530) 752-0864 
  • Offers incoming and current international students and scholars orientation services, assistance, information, and referral regarding financial, personal, cultural, and academic concerns.
  • Provides drop-in and scheduled advising appointments, programs, and mentorship activities for students.
Strategic Asian and Pacific Islander Retention Initiative
2405 Student Community Center
(530) 754-1715
  • Offers one-on-one virtual advising to support the academic and emotional wellbeing of students who identify with the Asian and Pacific Islander community.
  • Coordinates events and mixers to create a sense of community.
Student Recruitment and Retention Center
Student Community Center, First Floor
(530) 754-6836
  • Provides student-run and student-initiated programs that foster holistic academic and personal development while raising political and cultural awareness.
  • Offers open study spaces for students and holistic support services through: Filipinx Outreach and Retention, Collective: Transfer and Non-traditional Student Support and Empowerment, SAFE: Southeast Asians Furthering Education, and Yik’al Kuyum.
Transfer and Reentry Center
1210 Dutton Hall
(530) 752-2200
  • Offers transfer students and reentry students (25+years old or student parents or caregivers) support for academics, adjusting to UCD, or finding a referral to address specific issues or concerns.
  • Provides priority registration for student parents and caregivers.
Women’s Resources and Research Center
North Hall, First Floor
(530) 752-3372
  • Offers a space for students to learn about resources and educational programs that focus on gender equity and social justice.
  • Provides several workshops and programs each quarter that allows students to take part in promoting gender equity and community empowerment.