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Ever wanted to know what makes a scientist tick? Join Randy Carney in getting to know the invited weekly speakers joining the UC Davis Biomedical Engineering Department‘s Seminar Series. Long form interviews reveal the speaker‘s path along the road to their current position and what motivates them to explore their world with science.

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Episode 11: Prof. Noo Li Jeon - Seoul National University - School of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Noo Li Jeon at podium giving a presentation

Prof. Noo Li Jeon introduces his lab's groundbreaking work in developing organ-on-a-chip microfluidic devices for applications in high throughput drug screening and personalized medicine. He also shares the value of working at the interface between disciplines to discover new and exciting things.

Episode 10: Prof. Richard Corsi - UC Davis Dean of the College of Engineering

Richard Corsi and Randy Carney stand near a Corsi-Rosenthal Box

Dean Rich Corsi describes why his Corsi-Rosenthal box, a DIY indoor air purifying phenomenon, will always be open-source. He also shares his passion for dog training and how he earned the moniker “The Singing Professor".  If you'd like to build your own Corsi-Rosenthal box, you can find the information here.

Episode 9: Prof. Carlos Rinaldi-Ramos - University of Florida Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

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Prof. Carlos Rinaldi-Ramos breaks down his lab's work contributing to an exciting new modality: magnetic particle imaging (MPI). He also shares how representation in research labs illuminated his path to success from his time in Puerto Rico to his current position as chair of the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Florida.

Episode 8: Prof. Sara St. James - University of Utah Radiation Oncology

Sara St. James behind podium with projector slides in background

Prof. Sara St. James breaks down how proton therapy is transforming cancer treatment, particularly for pediatric patients. She also dives in to how her engineering background improves her medical work and her mitten-knitting skills.

Episode 7: Prof. Sheri Sheppard - Stanford Mechanical Engineering

Randy Carney and Sheri Sheppard

Prof. Sheri Sheppard is a research scientist and renowned educator at Stanford University. This week on the podcast, she shares how her weaving path through music education, the auto industry, and Burning Man informs her approach to innovating methods to train future engineers.

Episode 6: Prof. Chris Hernandez - Cornell Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Randy Carney and Christopher Hernandez

Prof. Chris Hernandez shares how he broke out of his comfort zone to envision a totally new area of scientific exploration - how does the gut microbiome dictate bone health? - and what he is looking for when recruiting a trainee to his lab.

Episode 5: Prof. Keyue Shen - USC Biomedical Engineering

Keyue Shen presenting a powerpoint

Prof. Keyue Shen breaks down his lab's work to improve cancer therapeutics by focusing not on the cancer cell, but it’s environment, and shares his love of history and how his experience growing up in post-Cultural Revolution China shaped his natural inclination towards science experimentation.

Episode 4: Prof. Liana Lareau - UC Berkeley Bioengineering

Dr. Liana Lareau

Dr. Liana Lareau shares her passion for studying RNA, what is was like to work in Pat Brown's group as a trainee, and explains how it felt in 2020 to be working in a field with direct relevance to the emerging global pandemic.

Episode 3: Prof. Beth Pruitt - UC Santa Barbara Bioengineering

Professor Beth Pruitt

Dr. Beth Pruitt describes why she is interested in mechanobiology - how cells change their decision making when under load - and how joining the Navy paved a circuitous path to academia.

Episode 2: Prof. Tara Deans - University of Utah Biomedical Engineering

Prof.Tara Deans

Prof. Tara Deans, an associate professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Utah, discusses her innovative ideas at the forefront of synthetic biology and opens up about the challenges of having a baby during graduate school.

Episode 1: Shivang Dave, Ph.D. - CEO of PlenOptika

Recording with Shivang Dave and Randy Carney

Bioengineer Dr. Shivang Dave talks about the challenges of developing his start-up company, PlenOptika, and how his childhood trips to India informed his passion to contribute to solving issues in global health.