Yi Xue

yi xue headshot

Position Title
Assistant Professor

  • Biomedical Engineering
3323 GBSF

Computational optics, optical imaging, biophotonics, brain-computer interfaces, neurotechnology

Dr. Xue’s group develops customized optical microscopy and computational algorithms for brain imaging and optogenetic stimulation. The optical microscopy systems and computational algorithms are tailored for imaging objects to maximize throughput, spatial resolution, accessible depth, and imaging speed. Dr. Xue’s group have developed several high-throughput two-photon microscopy systems for imaging synapses through scattering brain tissue, and 3D holographic imaging of neural activity. She also developed one-photon microscopy for multi-site, all-optical interrogation of neural circuits in the mouse brain. Dr. Xue also works on multimodal microscopy that can image fluorescence-labeled and label-free structures in the same sample simultaneously. The current project in Dr. Xue’s group is to develop two-photon microscopy for multimodal imaging and imaging neural activity in the deep brain. These techniques provide non-invasive approaches to study large scale neural circuits in 3D at single-cell and even synaptic resolution. Dr. Xue has demonstrated most optical microscopy systems in a mouse model and is open to translate the techniques to non-human primates.