Biomedical Engineering

Greg Mitchell Presents in Cerenekov Luminescence Webinar

Greg Mitchell, in Simon Cherry’s lab, will be one of the presenters in Caliper Life Science’s “Cerenekov Luminescence Imaging” webinar.

Broadcast Date: Thusday, January 20, 2011

Time: 10:00 AM PST

A novel method in preclinical imaging that is gaining in popularity within the research community is radioisotope detection with in vivo optical imaging via Cerenkov emission. Monitoring radio-pharmaceuticals in the preclinical setting with the high sensitivity of an IVIS instrument is a low-cost, high throughput alternative to existing instrumentation in nuclear medicine. In addition, the IVIS can detect the presence of therapeutic isotopes which emit only the beta-minus particle, where detectors in nuclear medicine for non-invasive in vivo imaging of the beta-minus particles do not exist. In this webinar, the phenomenon of Cerenkov emission will be described and recent publications in preclinical optical imaging of radio-pharmaceuticals will be presented. The IVIS has been demonstrated to be the most comprehensive in vivo functional imaging instrument for preclinical research: imaging bioluminescence, fluorescence, and radio-pharmaceuticals.

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