BME Advisory Board

BME 2018 External Advisory Board

The Board of Advisors is a select group of individuals who share in the mission of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Members of the Board are educators and industrial leaders representing the diverse field of biomedical engineering. They are dedicated to helping UC Davis develop and maintain a world-class research and educational program in biomedical engineering.

Current Members


The Board of Advisors serves as the Department’s primary external advisory body. As such it provides counsel for the department’s research and educational programs providing a broad perspective that encompasses not just academic excellence, but also focuses on business, industry and societal impact. Members provide leadership to the Department, develop assets to enhance the Department’s abilities to meet its goals, and help promote the Department to the engineering community and profession at large as well as to the general public.

Membership Qualifications

Stature in the field of biomedical engineering or related disciplines with demonstrated leadership, visibility and respect within the members’ sphere of influence.

Acceptance of and dedication to the goals and objectives of the Department of Biomedical Engineering

Awareness of, access to and willingness to approach those individuals and organizations with the ability and means to help the Department achieve its goals and objectives.

Willingness to offer personal support to the goals and objectives in terms of resources, expertise and time.


Members of the Board of Advisors agree to:

Attend meetings and participate in teleconferences to the fullest extent possible.

Provide expert advice, counsel and assistance to the Department in setting and then accomplishing its strategic goals.

Support the Department’s long term goals and objectives

Invest in the Department’s future, develop personal relationships with its faculty members and contribute to the vibrant academic life of the University.

Acquire and maintain knowledge about the Department and its Programs and goals.

Represent the Department within Industry and to the Public.

Other Details:

Term: Members of the Board of Advisors serve at the pleasure of the Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering and are appointed or reappointed annually. It is anticipated that most inaugural Board members will serve for three years to provide initial stability.

Composition: The Board will consist of between 8 and 12 members, with representation from industry and academia. The Board shall choose a Chair from among its membership who shall be responsible for running the meetings and coordinating meeting content with the Chair of the Department.

Meetings: One one-day meeting to be held each year at UC Davis in the Spring, with additional teleconferences as necessary.

Compensation: UC Davis shall cover all appropriate travel expenses for Board Members subject to University of California regulations for travel and entertainment reimbursement.