Michael A. Savageau

uc davis biomedical engineering research professor microbiology michael savageau

Position Title
Distinguished Research Professor

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
228 Briggs Hall
Systems and synthetic biology, design principles, mathematical and computational methods 

Dr. Savageau aims to describe the function, design and evolution of natural and synthetic molecular systems. His research group works to develop general mathematical and computational methods and apply them to specific molecular systems. The group is currently working to develop software tools that enable a new ‘phenotype-centric’ modeling strategy. They are also working on application projects that include regulatory networks for integration of bacterial catabolism and behavior in complex chemotaxis, molecular mechanisms for realizing the switch to xylem cell development in plants and cognate amino acid signatures in the biosynthetic enzymes of organisms in the human microbiome.