Sun Il Kwon

Sun Il Kwon

Position Title
Assistant Professor

  • Biomedical Engineering
2515 GBSF

Dr. Kwon’s team is dedicated to developing innovative technologies and methods for quantitative biomedical imaging. The Kwon Lab specializes in advancing molecular imaging using positron emission tomography (PET) scanning, with a focus on developing novel detectors and systems that extract maximum information from radiotracers through physics and engineering perspectives. The lab also develops a new biomedical imaging modality, direct positron emission imaging (dPEI), that does not require reconstruction steps by using ultrafast timing. dPEI offers many innovative and interesting opportunities by freeing the design of the imaging system from typical constraints and opens up the possibility of real-time biomedical imaging. The Kwon lab’s research ultimately aims to interrogate human systems biology in health and disease and generate more new knowledge, eventually leading to answering important questions in biomedical imaging science or clinical diagnostics and therapy.

Research Interests & Expertise
  • Nuclear medical imaging science
  • Imaging system engineering
  • Radiation detection
  • Ultrafast timing
  • Computational methods for imaging