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The mission of the Biomedical Engineering Department is:

To combine exceptional teaching with state-of-the-art research for the advancement of technologies and computational techniques that meet medical and societal challenges.

What is Biomedical Engineering?

Biomedical engineering is an interdisciplinary field of study that integrates knowledge of engineering principles with the biomedical sciences. It is a very diverse field, with biomedical engineers working in areas ranging from medical imaging to regenerative medicine. Some major contributions of biomedical engineering include the left ventricular assist device (LVAD), artificial joints, hemodialysis, bioengineered skin, coronary stents, computed tomography (CT), and flexible endoscopes. Students who choose biomedical engineering are interested in contributing to human health and quality of life, but do not routinely interact directly with patients, as do physicians. Due to the need to complete additional coursework beyond BME degree requirements, this major is not a primary route for pre-medical studies.

The biomedical engineering curriculum has been designed to provide a solid foundation in mathematics, life and physical sciences, and engineering, and to provide sufficient flexibility in the upper division requirements to encourage students to explore specializations within the field. Our instructional program is designed to impart knowledge of contemporary issues at the forefront of biomedical engineering research. Employment opportunities exist in industry, hospitals, academic research and teaching institutes, national laboratories, or government regulatory agencies. The major also provides excellent grounding in the skills necessary for professional or graduate-level studies in biological and health sciences. 

Why Should You Consider BME at UC Davis?

It is an exciting time and place to be a biomedical engineer. The Department has grown rapidly in size and reputation, and our academic programs have evolved to keep pace in this highly visible field. Demand for the major in Biomedical Engineering is among the highest at the University, and the program routinely attracts top-ranked students. Our accredited undergraduate program now consists of over 400 students. The program is supported by outstanding faculty, staff, and world class facilities, including the Center for Molecular and Genomic Imaging, and the TEAM Prototyping Facility. BME students are highly engaged on campus and beyond, many through our award-winning student organization.

One of our core values is the belief that biomedical engineers should learn by doing. At UC Davis we emphasize translation through our close relationships with clinicians, both at the UCD Medical Center and at the School of Veterinary Medicine. Students solve problems of clinical origin through our renowned senior design program. More than half of our students participate in undergraduate research on campus, and many of these go on to graduate or other professional school.  Half our students participate in off-campus internships with local clinics, industry or national labs.