Change of Major

To change to Biomedical Engineering from a major in any College (including Engineering), you must:

  1. be a registered student and have completed at least one quarter (minimum of 12 units) at UC Davis;

  2. have completed not more than 135 cumulative units (excluding AP units). Students who have completed more than 135 units will be considered on an appeal basis only;

  3. be in good academic standing and meet minimum progress requirements;

  4. have received a letter grade for all courses that satisfy Engineering degree requirements;

  5. have

    a. completed at least the following five courses: MAT 21A, B, C, PHY 9A, and CHE 2A and

    b. have a GPA of 2.8 or better in all completed MAT, PHY, BIS, and CHE courses required for your intended major, and have received a C- or better in each of these courses;

  6. have no grade lower than a C- in any completed engineering course required for your intended major(s) taken at UC Davis;

  7. have a 2.8 UC GPA in completed engineering courses.