Summer Clinical Needs Finding

SUMMER INTERNSHIP for “Clinical Needs Finding”
For current UC Davis students ONLY

As part of an NIH program for innovation in undergraduate engineering design instruction, the BME dept is pleased to announce availability for a 6 week internship this summer for a handful of selected students. The goal of this internship is to allow students to observe clinicians through rotations then develop a set of videos that can be used in future senior design courses to allow others to perform “virtual needs finding” (by watching the videos instead of rotating through the clinics in person).

Interns will rotate through clinics at the UCDMC or VMTH. The approximate schedule for the 6 week series is:

Weeks 1-2 rotate through different departments in the hospital (human or veterinary).

–you will shadow and interact with clinicians, attend rounds, observe surgeries and patient consults. During these 2 weeks you will gather ideas for potential problems to build senior design projects around.

Week 3 select one clinic that you are most interested to develop a video for and work in teams of 2 to visit that clinic in more depth and establish your “script”.

–you will pair up with another student and choose the clinic that most interests you. You will develop a “script” to document those observations that were most useful for providing potential problems for senior design courses. The idea is document as much as needed so that future students could gather enough information from your video to come up with their own ideas for problems of interest to work on.

-you will develop a “storyboard” to plan the shots you would like to get, and coordinate with the clinicians to perform filming

Weeks 4-6 shoot and edit your video.

–you will shoot footage around the hospital, including clinician interviews

–you will edit your footage to a professional short video (~15-30min)

–resources and instruction for filming and editing will be made available to the teams.

These are paid, full-time positions. You must be available full time for the entire 6 week period.