The Biomedical Engineering Department conducts research in many areas. The major categories are listed below.

The diversity of faculty within the biomedical engineering program at UCD provides a wide variety of facilities for student research. The program is administered by faculty from a variety of departments in several schools and colleges – including engineering, medicine, veterinary medicine, agricultural and environmental sciences, and letters and sciences – who are organized into a graduate group.

Particularly valuable resources include:

  • The largest academic cleanroom in the US, for fabricating microsystems
  • A 7T small bore MR imaging and spectroscopy system
  • 1.5 T whole body dedicated MR imaging system available in radiology
  • Laser and optical instrumentationAutomatic video image analysis systems
  • A virtual reality immersion system for 3D visualization
  • Ultrasonics and acoustics research systems
  • Surgery and animal care for a wide variety of small and large animals
  • Materials testing and rheological equipment
  • Facilities for physiological studies of animals and humans
  • Facilities for human performance observation and analysis
  • Optical microscopy, diffraction, scanning
  • A MicroPET imaging facility

There are excellent mechanical and electrical shop facilities, in addition to a student-faculty shop (in the College of Engineering) for those who choose to do their own shop work. A campus Organized Research Unit, the Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization (IDAV), has considerable interaction with the graduate group and provides facilities for it.