Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Trauma, disease, and even aging can leave critical defects that the body cannot heal by itself.  The resultant loss of function can be debilitating or life threatening.  Using a combination of cells, bioactive molecules, biomaterials, and even mechanical conditioning, regenerative medicine seeks to achieve functional restoration using living cells and tissues.  Instead of artificial plastic and metal bearing surfaces, live bone and cartilage are being engineered in the laboratory and examined in animal models.  Methods to grow tissues whose main functions are metabolic (e.g., the liver) are also being developed to restore its vital functions.  Researchers in the UC Davis Biomedical Engineering Department can take advantage of a uniquely interdisciplinary environment that includes the College of Biosciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, and School of Medicine, as well as many Centers of Excellence and a GMP facility to translate regenerative medicine technologies from the bench side to animal studies and beyond.

Faculty with interests in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine:

Steven George
Kent Leach
Karen Moxon
Alyssa Panitch
Eduardo Silva
Scott Simon
Soichiro Yamada