Undergraduate Advisor

Rosalind Christian
2303 Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility
(530) 752-0801

Monday – Friday
9 AM-4 PM 


The Undergraduate Advisor assists students in course selection, schedule planning, hold removal, degree checks, GE advising, planning for graduate school and careers. The College of Engineering requires students to meet with their undergraduate advisor at least once per academic year. To ensure that students meet this mandatory advising requirement, an advising registration hold is placed on a student’s record.

To clear these advising holds, students must meet with an advisor during the quarter assigned to their last name:
A–G  Fall quarter (before Dec. 15)
H–N  Winter quarter (before Mar. 15)
O–Z   Spring quarter (before Sep. 15)

Seniors who plan to graduate by June are encouraged to clear their hold in either Fall or Winter quarter.

In preparation for your appointment, please save a Draft version of your Academic Plan on Oasis. Uncleared holds will affect registration and schedule changes the following quarter.

Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisors in each specialization are available for specific questions regarding elective courses, career planning and research opportunities.

Dr. Jennifer Choi
Cellular & Tissue
Dr. Cheemeng Tan
Imaging & Biophotonics
Dr. Vivek Srinivasan

Health Professions Advising

Medical Devices
Dr. Tingrui Pan
Systems & Synthetic Biology
Dr. Marc Facciotti