BME Minor

uc davis biomedical engineering minor

Expand Your Engineering Knowledge

**Note: The biomedical engineering minor is restricted to students currently enrolled in the College of Engineering**

The intent is to build upon the existing core strengths in other engineering majors by adding expertise in biomedical applications. This additional training makes students more attractive to employers in the medical device industry, and positions students for graduate training in health related applications of engineering.

The minor requires two life sciences courses not typically required for engineering students, one at the cellular (BIM 102) and the other at the physiological level (NPB 101 or BIM 116). The remaining 12 units are to be selected in consultation with an advisor from this list of upper division BIM courses.

Students will be advised to select courses that complement their existing curricula. Examples of relevant coursework for different majors are provided as a reference.

Successful completion of the minor requires the following:

  1. Completing 21 units of minor coursework. All courses must be taken for a letter grade.

  2. Minimum overall GPA of 2.000 and no grade lower than a C- for coursework completed in the minor

  3. No more than 1 course counted towards both the student’s major and the minor.

A completed minor declaration form should be submitted either after you register for the last minor course requirement or when you file for graduation. Successful completion of the minor will result in the transcript notation- “Minor: Biomedical Engineering”

Required Courses (9 units)

Course Number Course Name Units
NPB 101 or BIM 116 Physiology 5
BIM 102 Cellular Dynamics 4

Elective Courses (12 units)

Choose 12 units from upper division BIM courses, in consultation with the academic advisor, Rosalind Christian

These courses are offered only once per year. The courses labeled with an asterisk (*) are offered every other year. Check the yearly course schedule to see when these courses are offered. 

Course Number Course Name Units ECE CS MAE ChE/MSE
BIM 120 Introduction to Materials Science for Biomedical Engineering 4       X
BIM 141 Cell and Tissue Mechanics 4     X X
BIM 142 Principles and Practices of Biomedical Imaging 4 X X    
BIM 143* Biomolecular Systems Engineering: Synthetic Biology 4 X     X
BIM 143L* Synthetic Biology Lab 2 X     X
BIM 144 Fundamentals of Biophotonics and Bioimaging 4 X X    
BIM 145 Immuno-engineering 4       X
BIM  152 Molecular Control of Biosystems 4 X X    
BIM 161A* Biomolecular Engineering 4       X
BIM 162 Introduction to the Biophysics of Molecules and Cells 4     X X
BIM 163 Bioelectricity, Biomechanics and Signaling Systems 4 X   X X
BIM 167 Biomedical Fluid Mechanics 4     X X
BIM 171 Clinical Applications for Biomedical Device Design 4 X   X  
BIM 173 Cell and Tissue Engineering 4       X
BIM 176 Microfluidic Lab 2 X   X  
BIM 189C/154 Computational Genomics 4   X    
BIM 189C Computational Tools in Bioengineering and Biomedicine 4   X    
BIM 189C Neuroengineering Lab 2 X X   X