10 students, one quarter, two inventions

Not long after Quarter at Aggie Square launched in fall 2020, students quickly found success through the immersive, undergraduate academic experience. Some participants were admitted to prestigious graduate programs and others earned competitive internship opportunities. This year, one team of undergraduates found success by creating not one, but two innovations as a result of their Experience last fall.

Sandia National Laboratories Honors Students for Innovative Monitor

Biomedical engineering seniors at the University of California, Davis, have received the 2023 Sandia Engineering Design Award for a capstone project that may transform how doctors treat elevated intracranial pressure, a severe condition where pressure continues to develop in someone’s head due to a tumor, brain infection or neurological injury.

Alumni Spotlight: Abby Niesen, M.S. '21, Ph.D. '23

UC Davis doctoral graduate Abby Niesen, M.S. '21, Ph.D. '23 is arguably one of the most productive doctoral students in the history of the Department of Biomedical Engineering and quite possibly the College of Engineering, according to faculty who have been associated with UC Davis for nearly 50 years.