Julie Sutcliffe

uc davis biomedical engineering professor julie sutcliffe

Position Title

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Hematology and Oncology
2515 GBSF
Translational Molecular Imaging, probe development and screening. 

Dr. Sutcliffe develops targeted molecular imaging agents for preclinical and clinical applications with a focus in oncology. The Sutcliffe Lab’s primary research focuses on the design, synthesis, in vitro evaluation and in vivo screening of targeted molecular imaging agents, with the ultimate goal of rapid deployment to the clinic. The lab’s major contribution to the field of molecular imaging has been the development of rapid radiolabeling and screening approaches that expedite the translation of radiolabeled compounds from the bench to the bedside. Their efforts recently culminated in a first-in-human study of a PET imaging probe targeting the cancer-associated integrin αvβ6 (NCT03164486).