UC Davis Researchers Strengthen Stem-Cell Transplants for Better Patient Outcomes

January 30, 2019

New cell-combination strategy creates longer transplant viability

UC Davis researchers have discovered a promising new way to use a combination of two types of stem cells to improve transplantation viability – and possible patient outcomes.

As outlined in Stem Cell Research & Therapy, the UC Davis team took on a long-standing challenge for stem-cell researchers: stem cells’ potentially short transplant lives.

Building tiny bacteria-fighters from the bottom up

August 31, 2018
Faculty, researchers and students at the UC Davis Biomedical Engineering Department’s Tan Lab report they’ve successfully created bacteria-killing artificial cells that operate even in the poorest environments.

Engineering new cell-based strategies with microangiospheres

November 06, 2017
Pre-vascular microtissues delivered in a microhydrogel injection are better able to lay the groundwork necessary for blood vessels to grow. Cell-based strategies are seen as true game changers in the context of ischemic vascular diseases because they aim to cure and not simply to ameliorate these diseases.