The diverse faculty and researchers within BME at UC Davis offer rich opportunities for student research. Faculty from departments in several schools and colleges administer the graduate group, including engineering, medicine, veterinary medicine, agricultural and environmental sciences, and letters and sciences. Our research straddles the interface between engineering and cellular and molecular biology, genomics, and proteomics to develop translational methods and technologies. We have particular strengths in cellular and molecular engineering, biomedical imaging, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, and computational and systems biology.

Together, we focus on the application of engineering principles to discover disease mechanisms and design innovative diagnostics and therapeutics. We employ a multi-level approach ranging from computational or mathematical models to experimental testing, all the way to translating the work to the clinic or the operating room. Indeed, some of our faculty have already established a clinical pathway for some of their work, while others have brought FDA-approved products to the market.

The strong interdisciplinary and cooperative environment of UC Davis and its strong institutional commitment to biomedical engineering have helped the department compete successfully for research and program funding. Collegial faculty and skilled staff collaborate to create an ideal research climate.