Jeffrey Walton

Associate Research Physicist

(530) 752-7794

Personal Education

Ph.D., Physics, College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA, 1989)


UC Davis Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
Biomedical Engineering Graduate Group

Research Interest

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). NMR and MRI are used to noninvasively measure material properties (strain, temperature, viscosity, velocity) of materials. Also, NMR and MRI hardware design for use as sensors.

Research Facility
UC Davis NMR Facility

The NMR Facility provides qualified researchers in the biological, medical, and physical sciences access to state-of-the-art NMR instrumentation for spectroscopy and imaging. At present the Facility operates 10 spectrometers of varying purposes and capabilities, four of which are housed in Building MS1-D and four, operated jointly with the Chemistry Department, in the Chemistry building. Four instruments are largely devoted to structural characterization of organic and inorganic molecules. Two vertical bore spectrometers are used primarily for solution studies of biomolecules, with an additional vertical bore instrument for in vitro biological studies. Two horizontal magnet bore spectrometers are utilized for in vivo spectroscopy and imaging of small animals, imaging of materials, and in vitro spectroscopy of perfused organs. One spectrometer is devoted to solid state NMR spectroscopy. All of the spectrometers are multinuclear and a large variety of liquids, solids, surface, and imaging coils are available for use. The Facility also has Linux computers for off-line data processing.


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