Employee Recognition Awards

Our department has initiated a program to honor outstanding BME Staff.  If you are interested in nominating  a staff member please write a very brief explanation (4-5 sentences) regarding the assistance that may have been provided that you considered important; exceptional support for a special project or event, or for exceptional performance in their job duties, in general.  Please download the form and place your nomination in the black ballot box by the Chair’s Office.

Rosalind Christian receives the first Employee Recognition Award from Mary Kilpatrick

Rosalind Christian receives the first Employee Recognition Award from Mary Kilpatrick

May 17, 2011 Rosalind Christian consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty in her personalized service to the students, families, and BME community.  She has been nominated by various people who have noted the following:“Her efforts on Picnic Day were outstanding…she was a strategist of army general level…it was through Rosalind’s incredible…effort that the event went so smoothly.” “Rosalind personally instructs students in positive ways, helping them to understand the changes they need to make, and enable them to be motivated to succeed.” Student comment to Rosalind:  “Thank you for taking so much time to explain things to me. You’ve been a big help”
  June 30, 2011
Malena Teeters, Employee Recognition/Appreciation  June 2011

Malena Teeters, Employee Recognition/Appreciation June 2011

Malena Teeters works very hard to serve the needs of CMGI and BME.  She has been instrumental in organizing the recent CMGI workshop and open house.  Some of the comments given regarding her work: “Exceptional overall support of department and CMGI.  Outstanding organization of CMGI workshop attended by people from all over the world.” Comments by workshop attendees: “Strong & organized administrator”, “very well organized”, “your staff is friendly.” Malena has also demonstrated a great attitude of helpfulness in the  department, willing to help with everything from grant support to copier issues. She willingly steps in to give assistance with grant proposals and deadlines when other staff are absent. Malena makes herself available to help those in need of assistance, so that everyone can succeed.

Michelle Connell Recognition/Appreciation August 2011

August 2011 Michelle Connell Michelle Connell works at the Center for Genomic and Molecular Imaging.  In a short period of time Michelle was able to learn the techniques required for in vivo imaging, (PET), SPECT, CT, MRI and optical and fluorescent imaging.  Within 10 months Michelle was able to handle the duties as CMGI’s sole imaging staff while others were on leave. With the pressure of client observation, animals to handle, and equipment to troubleshoot, Michelle performed all studies successfully. This required fast skill acquisition and excellent time management.  This was a remarkable effort for a first year employee. Since that time Michelle has continued to show real dedication and consistent excellence.  She has proven herself to be a great asset to the Biomedical Engineering Department and CMGI.